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Early Pinehurst, North Carolina Golf Resort Photo Album/Scrapbook c. 1902-1905

  Here is a remarkable antique scrapbook/photo album that was recently discovered in a Boston area estate.

   It dates from the early 1900's, and contains a plethora of photographic images (nearly 200 in all), many taken at the Pinehurst, North Carolina golf resort during it's very early days, from approx. 1902 - 1905.  They are all original photographs, c. 1902-05, and not copies or repos of any kind.


   As is well known, before 1920 Pinehurst was a privately held resort, under the sole proprietorship of the Tufts family of Boston.  This album contains a remarkable photographic record of many of the buildings, people, and activities that occurred at Pinehurst from approx. 1902 to 1905. It also contains a number of related Boston area images, including Beach Bluff and the Hotel Preston, whose manager, H.W. Priest, also managed the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst.   


      Pictured are many historic buildings, some of which are easily identifiable, and others more mysterious, including a few log cabins. The first page has a tipped in note, dated April 17, 1902,  referring to flowers grown at Pinehurst.

  There are several nice shots of the " Pinehurst Lookout ", one dated  April, 1905.

  There's also a nice picture of Honeysuckle Cottage, with the original "Good Luck" sign visible. 


  There's at least one picture of Donald Ross, the designer of the golf course. He's standing in front of a sign that reads "Tin Whistles".  There's another which I think is also him, holding a tripod, and perhaps a few more of him playing golf.

  A wide array of resort activities are shown along with golfing, such as skeet shooting and baseball, including a picture of the Pinehurst Baseball team in uniform. 

  Also pictured are large parties of guests dressed in very elaborate costumes, including black face, posing at what appear to be large costume balls. 

   There are a number of professional Thespians pictured in costume, and even a pair of Russian looking fellows with an enormous trained grizzly bear.

  There are various conveyances pictured, ranging from an oxcart and a covered wagon to an early automobile, and even a train wreck! 

Lastly, there are many portrait photos of prominent looking people, their names penned in the margins.  


     One of the more interesting aspects of this old album is the striking contrast seen between the images of the affluent, often frivolously engaged guests at Pinehurst,  juxtaposed with a handful of images that reveal decrepit old slave cabins, ragged children, and the deep poverty that existed in that area, even many decades after the Civil War.  


   The images in this album hold a wealth of history about the early days of the Pinehurst Golf Resort, and about the people who created it and patronized it.  I've only brushed the surface in trying to identify the people and places contained within, so it must fall to the new owner to complete it's analysis and discover all of it's secrets.

  Posted here are some of the more interesting images;  to see the album page by page, click on this link: "Pinehurst page by page". 


         Also of note, there was a handwritten letter stashed in the back of the album, which is marked:  " Hilton Head, S.C., Oct. 7th, '65 " (1865).  It has fascinating content, in which, among other things, the writer reveals a deep prejudice against black people. It is disturbing to see such racism so emphatically expressed.    I am including this letter with the album.


    Here is a sample of some of the pictures; please zoom in to see details:

Condition report:  The album measures approx. 12 inches tall by approx. 9 & 1/2 inches wide.   The outside cover is light blue/green burlap, with applied decorative leather straps and three celluloid bosses.  The bosses have an image of a bird carrying a flowering branch, with the words "In Friendship's Name". The word "Scraps" has been penned on the cover. 


    The outer spine cover is missing, and the binding is falling apart, and most of the pages are loose.


There are approx. 53 pages that contain nearly 200  photos. The manila pages that the photos are mounted on are brittle and chipping on the edges, but the photos themselves are undamaged and intact. There is no foxing, mold, stains, or damage to the photos, with one or two very minor exceptions.

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